How To Collect Southwestern Landscape Paintings

The US Southwest is a distinctive place with its own culture, architectural style, and natural beauty. If you enjoy fine art and you love the Southwest, it's only natural that you'd want to collect art of that region's beautiful landscapes. Beginning art collectors may not know where to start. Here are four tips that will help you start collecting Southwestern landscape paintings:

1. Know your subject matter.

Before you start purchasing art, it helps to learn about your chosen subject matter. Take the time to learn more about the Southwest. Study areas of particular interest so you can recognize them when they appear in paintings. Libraries have many books about the geography, history, and culture of the United States. Find books about the Southwestern states to begin your research. You can find additional resources online.

2. Find Southwestern artists.

Nobody knows a place like the people who live there. If you desire authentic Southwestern paintings, take the time to find artists from the region. Many landscape artists prefer to paint plein air, or outside. These paintings often have a vibrancy and immediacy that can't be achieved any other way. Search for Southwestern artists who have a deep love and appreciation for their home. It's likely that love will translate into their art, and you can benefit.

3. Choose themes that appeal to you.

If you haven't spent a lot of time around art, you may assume that all landscape paintings are basically the same. However, landscapes can be very expressive. An artist can convey a lot of emotion through the colors they choose and the way they apply paint to a canvas. Take the time to browse many Southwestern landscape paintings. Find themes and moods that appeal to you. You may prefer paintings that celebrate the beauty of the desert, or you may find yourself drawn to the native vegetation that grows in the area. Follow your passions to find the paintings that most appeal to your sense of aesthetics.

4. Look for color harmony.

If you plan to display your Southwestern paintings in your home, you'll need to consider the way they will look when mounted together. Discordant color schemes can make your decor look messy and accidental. When shopping for paintings, try to choose artwork with harmonious colors. Fortunately, many Southwestern paintings utilize similar colors, with vibrant reds and oranges frequently appearing alongside neutral brown and beige hues.

Use these tips to look for Southwestern landscape paintings for sale. 

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