4 Things You Have To Know When Collecting Contemporary Art

Building an art collection is not just for the rich and famous. With so many amazing artists out there at all stages of their career and with artwork for sale at all different budget points, now is a great time to build a personal, contemporary artwork collection.

Thing #1: Consider How the Art Will Work in Your Home

First, when looking at artwork, you need to consider how the artwork will work in your home. Many people, when looking at artwork, may look for artwork specifically for a certain room in their home. For example, maybe they will look for a large piece of artwork with blue as a primary color for their living room. You can take that approach and look for artwork that works with what else you have going on in your home.

Or, when you find a piece of artwork that you like, you can determine if you have room for it and where it would go in your home. That way, you know that you have a plan for the artwork once you get it home.

Thing #2: Research the Ownership of the Art

Second, research the ownership of the artwork. If you are the first owner of the piece, ask for a proof of authenticity certification to come with the artwork. If you are purchasing a piece of original artwork where you are not the first owner, be sure to ask for proof of authenticity and paperwork that shows everyone who owned the artwork over time.

Thing #3: Research Artists Online

Third, with the advent of the internet, it is much easier to connect with artists. You can find artists just starting out, working artists, and those who have gained artistic notoriety. Take advantage of the internet to find out more about an artist before buying their artwork.

For example, you can look at their website and their Instagram to get a better idea about their interests, the type of work they create, and what drives their process. You can buy artwork from artists whose sensibilities you agree with and whose messages you are interested in. You may even be able to reach out to artists directly and learn more about their contemporary artwork.

Thing #4: Buy What You Love

Finally, you should always buy what you love. Don't spend time focusing on what is the most popular or the best investment. Buy pieces of artwork that you genuinely like and enjoy looking at; after all, once you purchase the artwork and put it in your home, you will see the artwork daily.

When it comes to building an art collection, you can easily build a collection of contemporary original artwork on any budget. When shopping for artwork, consider the personal message of the artist and how the artwork will work in your home, and most importantly, purchase artwork that you love and connect with.

To learn more about contemporary art, contact an art gallery.

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