Tips For Buying Art Prints As A Collection

If you are someone who has decided to try their hand at collecting art, you might decide that you want to go with prints. Prints are usually a little bit less expensive and easier to obtain than original artwork, but they are also a good investment because one of a limited run of prints can still be worth a decent amount of money. Not only that, but they represent an increased chance for you to actually get the artwork that you love. Here are some tips for starting to collect art prints for a collection so that the process is easy and so that you are making the most of your money.

1. Make Sure That the Run Has Been Limited

Your first step is to make sure that, before you buy a print, the run has been limited. This means that a set number of prints will be made and no more. This will give your purchase some financial value, as well as the sentimental value that you might assign to it because you like it. You can see if the run has been limited by asking which number print you own. If the seller says a number out of a higher number, the higher number being the total number of prints that there will be, you can feel confident that the run is limited.

2. Make Sure That the Print is Real

The next thing that you want to do is look at the back of the print. See if there is a fraction on the back, such as 24/250. The first number is the print that you are looking at where the second number is the total number of prints to be created. This is essentially how your print is numbered. This needs to be there in order for the print to be real. Next, look for the signature of the artist. Compare it to a signature that you can find that he or she has done elsewhere. Both the numbering and the signature will allow you to know that the print is real.

3. Make Sure You Maintain Your Prints

If you are going to get your print framed, make sure that you do it professionally so that you know that the materials that are being used, such as acid-free backing, will not hurt the print. Also be sure that you are storing your prints correctly when they are not being used. To store your prints, wrap them in tissue paper that is acid-free and then place them flat on top of each other in a drawer. This will allow you to ensure that they are not damaged.

For more information, talk to a company that specializes in large scale art prints, such as Christi B Fine Art.

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