3 Contemporary Art Styles To Consider For Your Home Collection

If you like the idea of owning original works of art, then you should look towards contemporary art. These styles are often times more affordable than classic works of art simply because there are so many living artists currently working and selling their paintings. If you are a complete novice to modern art, this article will give you a brief overview of 3 contemporary movements. They each cater to a different aesthetic, so you should find one that fits your personal preference.


Minimalism stresses pure form and color. Any sort of interpretative, expressive gestures are absent from the paintings. It is not unusual for minimalist paintings to be monochromatic, such as in the famous works of Robert Ryman. The style flourished during the 1960's. The concept of minimalism was not confined to painting. Sculptors, musicians and architects all embraced the precepts of the movement. It continues to be one of the most prominent architectural styles. If you live in a modern, streamlined home, then you might like the pairing of a minimalist, monochromatic painting with your home's décor.


Hyperrealism is an outgrowth of photorealism. The paintings look like photographs. Artists want to depict an image that looks exactly like a real photograph. The artists will often include subtle alterations to the real image, though, so it is not an exact copy of what exists in reality. The movement wants to bring up questions of authenticity and representation.

The subject matter can range from human form, such as with Johannes Wessmark's nudes, to soda cans (Pedro Campos series on Cola). Other artists take a more fabulist approach and create fictive arrangements with political overtones, such as Gottfried Helnwein's series critiquing Nazi ideology.

If you like photography, then hyperrealism is a great entry point into contemporary art.


This is a movement that developed in Japan. The originator is an artist called Takashi Murakami. He wanted to critique the shallowness of modern Japanese culture. The paintings are bright, full of color, but have no "depth". They are influenced by the prevailing entertainments of the day, particularly manga. The beauty of the painting is meant to contrast with the emptiness of its subject.

If you like the bright colors of pop art and are also interested in Japanese culture, this style is a fantastic choice. The school has caught on in Japan and there are many artists currently working in the style. It's a great opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a new art movement.

The trick to finding meaningful art pieces is finding something that appeals to your personal tastes. Consider these various types of contemporary art and see if you find any of them meaningful and aesthetically pleasing.

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