A New Trend - Birthday Parties That Make A Difference

Parents can become overwhelmed with all the presents given to their children on their birthdays, and many times these gifts don't even get a lot of use. Party guests sometimes spend way more time than they'd like debating in the toy aisle, trying to figure out the perfect gift for a kid they may not even know. One solution to this problem that's becoming more and more popular is charity-themed birthday parties. Surprisingly enough, kids often jump on this idea when it's presented to them, especially if the parents make sure they know they'll still get presents from them as usual. A few different types of charity-themed birthday parties exist, making it even easier to join this trend.

Kids - or the parents of very young children - can choose a charity and set up an online fundraising campaign. Then, when inviting people to the birthday party all that's necessary is to add a note saying that instead of gifts the birthday child wishes people to make an online donation to the organization along with the website address necessary to do so.

Some people aren't comfortable with online donations, or prefer to give an object rather than money, so another option is going to the wishlist of a favorite charity, such as a local animal shelter or children's hospital, and include that list on the invitation so people can choose items from the list to bring to the party in lieu of presents. Many larger charities post this type of information on their websites, but it's also possible to contact the charity and ask if one isn't posted.

People who worry their kid won't be happy giving up all their presents may want to use one of the charity birthday party planning websites. Many of these sites have people make an online donation and then give the child a gift card at the end of the process to buy a present of their own. In some cases, the people make the decision when donating how much goes to the child and how much to the charity. This way children can help others while not totally missing out getting something for themselves. This may be a good starting point for reluctant kids.

For those not totally sure how to get started, it's some charities even have party planning kits to make it easy to throw a party benefiting their charity. This makes it simple to plan a memorable and fun party that will help others. If you're looking for more ideas, check out places like Purple Easel.

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